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A Jupyter notebook on Google Collab to connect to the Oracle Cloud ATP

A Jupyter notebook on Google Colab to connect to the Oracle Cloud ATP

In a previous post I tested a Jupyter notebook on my laptop to connect to a PostgreSQL database. In this post, there are more ideas:

Test bench for LHC magnets at 1.9°K in SM18
  • I’m connecting to an Oracle Database, downloading the required client software from the Oracle YUM repository
  • I connect to an Oracle Cloud database accessible from Internet with the Client Credential wallet
  • The notebook can be run on Google Colab (providing the credentials to your database)

The idea: maybe one day I’ll use this to give a presentation where I can show the notebook on the screen while having attendees being able to run it on their laptop. That’s just an idea for the moment, which I got when attending a workshop/presentation on IA given by the EPFL Extension School. All the demos were also on, Google Colab, and CodePen so that we can even try some variations on our laptop while attending the presentation.

The EPFL Extension School

Back to the topic and… no need for more text here as everything is on the notebook:

Google Colaboratory

I’ve exported it as a GitHub Gist as Medium can display it automatically: