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Kscope Sunday will be awesome

Yeah yeah I know. What kind of dufus cut-pastes a giant image into their blog post. That would be ….. me Smile

But the reality is, there is just soooooo much going on this year on the Sunday before the “official” start of the Kscope conference, it was too hard to condense it into a few sentences. So I just dumped the image from the website, but you can read about it here.

It’s my first Kscope and it will be blast to be running a day of high quality but dirt cheap learning with Maria, Jeff, Steven and Blaine.

And we’ll even have some fun and games. How good is your knowledge of the Oracle Database and the Oracle community? Our Sunday quiz will let you shine! (Well, to be honest, we’ve designed the quiz so that anyone in the community has a chance to win, so come along to have some fun and maybe pick up some prizes as well!)

See you in Seattle!