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Little Things Doth Crabby Make – Part XXI. No, colrm(1) Doesn’t Work.

This is just another quick and dirty installment in the Little Things Doth Crabby Make series. Consider the man page for the colrm(1) command:

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That looks pretty straightforward to me. If, for example, I have a 6-column text file and I only want to ingest from, say, columns 1 through 3,  I should be able to execute colrm(1) with a single argument: 4. I’m not finding the colrm(1) command to work in accordance with my reading of the man page so that qualifies as a little thing that doth crabby make.

Consider the following screenshot showing a simple 6-column text file. To make sure there are no unprintable characters that might somehow interfere with colrm(1) functionality I also listed the contents with od(1):

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Next, I executed a series of colrm(1) commands in an attempt to see which columns get plucked from the file based on different single-argument invocations:

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Would that make anyone else crabby? The behavior appears to me very indeterminate to me and that makes me crabby.

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