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Mark Ferguson: I (almost) didn’t recognize you with your clothes off…

On Sunday evenings I usually pop over to see some mates. Jodey fills me in on the latest gossip, while Steve tries to convince me that vitamin C can cure every problem know to mankind. We do some yoga, then watch whatever they’ve got on series link before I go home. At the moment, we are watching Spartacus: Vengeance. We watched the previous series together, so we knew what to expect. Last night we decided to play “body-part bingo”, which involved deciding on a quota of various human body-parts we expected to see during the episode and trying to keep count to see if we guessed right. :)

All was going well until one particular scene, where the master of the household was “enjoying” himself with two slaves (one female and one male). There was a classic quote, which I will not repeat here for fear of offending the more sensitive among you, but at that point I lost count and said something to the tune of, “Wait a minute, I know him!” This caused raised eyebrows and the pause button was hit giving me chance to explain…

I have a great memory for faces, but struggle to remember names or where I remember the face from. Out came the iPad and a quick search revealed the master of the household was an actor called Mark Ferguson. I checked out some of his other acting credits and it all fell into place. When I wrote about last years NZOUG Conference I mentioned the murder-mystery theme. The compere for the night was an actor from Auckland. Guess what his name was? :)

He was a top bloke and now I’ve seen rather more of him that I would have expected to see. If I ever see him again I will not be able to stop myself from shouting one of his lines from this episode… :)