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A million kilometers in two years…

I’ve been tracking my business travel with‘s awesome service for about 2 years now.

After getting back from my Tallinn->Helsinki->New York->Detroit->New York->San Francisco->New York->Helsinki->Tallinn trip yesterday, Tripit reported that I have flown 1 007 509 km during my business trips (American readers, that’s about 42 miles ;)

Check yourself below :)

Tripit says I’ve visited 71 different cities in 27 countries within the last two years.

Here’s the map of places where I’ve visited my clients, done training or spoken at conferences:

Actually there’s probably couple of more cities where I’ve been in the last two years, for some reason Tripit doesn’t recognize my trip to Melbourne (but it does show the visit to Sydney which I did during the same trip).

Anyway, the conclusion here is that I think I’ve done enough flying for now. Now I plan to stay at home for a loooong time (I mean at least 3-4, maybe even 5 weeks in a row!!! ;)

But seriously, what I’ve decided is that:

  1. I won’t do any more public on-site seminars (with only few exceptions).
  2. I will move all my public seminar offering to web-based online seminars (using Citrix’s service), which I’ll deliver in person.
  3. I will still do private corporate training on-site occasionally, which offers flexibility of customizing the content and focus areas of the seminar to match the customer’s needs
  4. I will also offer private corporate online training, which gives much greater flexibility for choosing the seminar duration and times etc (it’s possible to spread a seminar to 1-day sections, each day delivered on a separate week, to reduce the impact of people being away from their work)
  5. I will still do consulting & advanced troubleshooting where I usually solve even the most complex problems in matter of couple of days (like explained here for example)

Ok, enough of self-promotion and advertising, back to work ;-)

P.S. I will publish my online seminar schedule “very soon now”!!!

P.P.S. I’m not affiliated with by any means business-wise, but if you travel frequently, then I recommend you to check out their awesome service (and iPhone app). The basic version is free, but I just decided to upgrade to Pro after couple of years of using it!