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MOS plugin

Few days back I was (again) angry at My Oracle Support “The page has expired” message appearing in an open tab I left for some time. I tried to find out how to avoid it, and it was relatively easy to do even though I don’t know JavaScript. Then I tried to make a plugin out of it so I it can be on by default & won’t need my attention.
Here it is: plugin for Chrome. It took me 2 seconds to come up with a name – MOS-cow and about 3 hours to prepare plugin.
Then I realized that having such plugin independently is probably not a good idea (it’s only for Chrome, and there are other browsers), and it may be enough to just add a custom JavaScript to Tampermonkey so it’s possible to use in almost any browser. So here it is. I don’t plan to add any new features at the moment, but maybe later. I know what else is needed but have no idea how much time it would take to implement, probably too much, which is not an option.
Anyway, I hope this little stupid piece of JavaScript helps you!