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New Plug-ins Released

The latest plug-in release has just been announced. There are new versions for the following plug-ins:

  • Enterprise Manager for Cloud – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud Framework – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Storage Management – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Fusion Middleware – version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall – version

Please note the framework version has not been updated, it’s still at The plug-in versions alone have changed.

This release has key offerings as Cloud Maintenance and Data Refresh in the DBaaS area. It also has new MWaaS offerings like SOA as a Service and OSB as a Service, along with other key features in the Storage Management Framework, Database and Audit Vault / Database Firewall areas.

The release is available for download now on OTN. New plug-in documentation is also available for download.

These plug-ins would be available for download via Self Update by EOD today (January 5th).