nVision Performance Tuning: Table of Contents

This post is an index for a series of blog posts that discuss how to get good performance from nVision as used in General Ledger reporting.  As the posts become available links will be updated in this post.

  • Introduction
  • nVision Performance Options
  • Effects of Performance Options
  • Indexing of Ledger, Budget and Summary Ledger Tables
  • Partitioning of Ledger, Budget and Summary Ledger Tables
  • Additional Oracle Instrumentation for nVision
  • Logging Selector Usage
  • Analysis of Tree Usage  with the Selector Log
  • Interval Partitioning and Statistics Maintenance of Selector Tables
  • Compression without the Advanced Compression option
  • Maintaining Statistics on Non-Partitioned Selector Tables
  • Excel -v- OpenXML
The current versions of scripts mentioned in the series will be made available on GitHub.