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NVMe the afterburner for your database

Over 1 million IOPS (@8 KByte) and more than 26 GByte/s (@1MByte): Read more to see all impressive benchmark figures from a server with 14 NVMe drives and read why this is still not the best you could get…

End of last year, I have gotten a call from Huawei. They (finally) agreed to provide me a server with their enterprise NVMe drives for performance testing.
To say that I was delighted is a huge understatement. It felt like an 8-year old waiting for Christmas to get his present.

Choosing the right hardware for a database server is always important and challenging. Only if you build a rock-solid, stable and performant base you can build a reliable database service with predictable performance. Sounds expensive and most of the time, it is, but NVMe drives can be a game-changer in this field.

After a very nice and friendly guy from Huawei delivered this server to me, I immediately started to inspect this wonderful piece of hardware I’ve got.


Huawei provided an H2288 2 Socket Server with 15x 800GByte NVMe drives (ES3600P V5 800 GBytee PCI Gen3) to me.

The server would be able to handle 25 NVMe drives but I think I’ve got every drive, which was available at this time </p />

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