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Oak Table World 2016 Followup

The Oak Table network is a closed membership of about 100 technical scientists who have a passion for technology and the world around them.  These men and women, representing some of the brightest minds from each of their companies, are individuals who have built companies and major technical innovations.

Initially, much of their research and work was presented at Oracle Open World.  Over time, Oracle Open World welcomed less and less of their participation.  They decided to create their own network and present their information at their own conference, held annually at the same time as OOW.  Over a decade later, the event now has company sponsors and a dedicated following of Oracle specialists who attend to receive the deepest and most interesting details of technical data in the industry.

There is a “cool factor” for those going to Oak Table World.  Most of the members are also part of Oracle’s famed ACE Program, (most have ACE Director associations).  Some of the members work for Oracle; most members work for companies that are Oracle partners.  All of the sessions have a tendency to leave the attendee with their mind blown after each session.

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The conference this year was sponsored by Delphix, Pythian and Amazon Web Services and was held at the Children’s Creativity Museum.  The two day schedule only allows for 13 1-hour sessions and 8 10-minute “TED” style talks.  This year the conference attracted over 400 attendees in two days. A majority of the talks were the deeper technical content that wasn’t deemed suitable for the more marketing driven Oracle Open World event.
Because Delphix is one of the major sponsors, by default, it receives quite a bit of exposure at the event.  In addition to sponsoring, Delphix does the coordination for the event.  These opportunities provide us a way to create awareness with the primary technical thought leaders in the Oracle community.

In the next couple weeks, you’ll see a post on Oak Table with links for the presenters incredible slides and to the recorded sessions. One session that wasn’t captured was Toon Koppelaars one hour session on the first day. We know this was a session that many said was a must-see, so I’ll be working with Laura Ramsey from OTN to get a webinar set up so many can take advantage of Toon’s amazing contribution.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll happily share information on what we shared today and how we will continue to support Oak Table Network and thank you to each of the sponsors who, like Delphix, know the value of these incredible technologists.

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