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ODA X6-2

So, the ODA X6 End of Life seems to be planned for October, and be careful, as far as I know, this concerns also the storage expansion.

The main feedback from the X6-2 series were:

  • not enough cores when consolidating multiple databases in M, L and HA
  • not enough storage on HA when compared with X5-2
  • Standard Edition on HA would be great for cheaper RAC
  • The position of the ‘Large’ version of ODA Lite was not clear


The Small version of the ODA Lite has the same number of cores as in X6-2: 10 cores in one socket. Those are Intel Xeon Silver 4114 processor (2.2GHz). Some more memory: 6x32GB instead of 4x32GB, so 192GB expandable to 384GB as before.

And the big new thing is that it can run virtualized (X6-2 was Bare Metal only). Even if it is still OVM, the hypervisor is KVM. OVM is accepted by Oracle to license per vCPU, but for the moment the database cannot run on a VM so you need to get database licences for all the cores enabled on the ODA.

The storage for database is two 6.4TB Flash NVMe, which means 12.8TB raw capacity (6.4TB double-mirrored)

ODA X7-2 M

You can look at it in the 3D view

The larger version of ODA Lite has more cores: 36 cores instead of 20 before: two sockets with Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processor (2.3GHz). Some more memory: 12x32GB=384GB instead of 256GB. Expandable to 768GB as before.

As the Small one, it can be virtualized with KVM.

The storage for database is two 6.4TB Flash NVMe, and you can add 6 additional ones to bring the storage to 51.2TB raw capacity.

Because of this new capacity in the ‘Medium’ one, and the large possibility to add disks, there is no ‘Large’ version of ODA X7-2.


You can look at it in the 3D view

The HA version of ODA has more cores: 72 cores instead of 40 before: two 18-cores sockets with Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processor (2.3GHz), in two nodes. Some more memory: 768GB instead of 256GB. Expandable to 1.5TB as before.

The big new thing is that you are allowed to run Standard Edition, and then RAC with no option. In the latter case, with SE2 only one socket per node is enabled.

The second important thing is that the storage which was limited (12TB expandable to 24TB or 48TB with a second shelf) is now declined into:

  • High Performance 3.2GB SSD for 16TB (raw, which is 8TB in normal redundancy or 5.3 TB in normal redundancy) expandable to 64TB, or 128TB with additional shelf
  • High Capacity starts the same with 4 SSD, but you add mechanical 10TB disks for additional 150TB to 300TB

For the REDO, there are 4 additional 800GB disks (4 additional in the expansion shelf).

In the initial release of X7 the virtualization on HA still used OVM/Xen.

Common new features

You will be able to install 12cR2 (

You have the choice for the network between:

  • two 10 GbE ports (RJ45)
  • or two 10/25 GbE ports (SFP128)

OAKCLI will be replaced everywhere by ODACLI



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