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ORAchk / EXAchk questions

Yesterday I wrote a post on the ORAchk / EXAchk plug-in in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c, and I promised I would write another post that would cover some of the more frequently asked questions we’ve been receiving on the plug-in. That’s what this post in, so the rest of the post will be in a Q&A sort of format.

Question: What are the benefits of EXAchk integration with the Enterprise Manager compliance framework i.e. what can we do with this that we could not in EM12c?

Answer: In EM 12c, we ask customers to setup EXAchk in the target themselves, we just bring the results to EM and show the results on the EXAchk target Home page. In 13c these are our main features:

  • Install & Setup ORAchk utility from Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Convert check results into Compliance Standards (CS) violations
  • Associate the ORAchk results (CS violations) with appropriate targets
  • Upgrade of ORAchk utility from Enterprise Manager
  • Release new checks as compliance standards at the same time ORAchk releases their new version.

Question: Can I do a “Create Like” of a standard based on EXAchk i.e. include my own rules into a standard?

Answer: No, actual checks are still done within the EXAchk utility, we take the results and show violations against appropriate targets. So our CS rule is just looking for Pass/Fail only.

Question: Does EM rely on the EXAchk executable at all? Does the EXAchk executable (not the rules) need to be updated periodically?

Answer: We fully rely on the EXAchk executable and rules. Yes we need to update periodically, we have added self update entity types to deliver the EXAchk binaries.

Question: Are the rules evaluated on the agent side or the repository side?

Answer: We bring the results of EXAchk to the repository and within our repository rule we check for Pass/Fail only.

Question: How will Enterprise Manager keep up with new revisions of the rules? Are the new revisions automatically applied?

Answer: Our current plan is to deliver two entities – one for EXAchk/ORAchk binaries and one for compliance standard and rules.

Question: I don’t see the Enterprise Manager ORAchk Healthchecks Plug-in in my Enterprise Manager 12c environment. Does it exist?

Answer: Yes, in the environment I just checked on, the plug-in is called “Oracle Engineered Systems Healthchecks” and it’s found under the Engineered Systems plug-ins on the Plug-ins page (go to Setup -> Extensibility -> Plug-ins. If you can’t find it there, it probably means you didn’t select it from the list of plug-ins to install when you were installing Enterprise Manager. In that case, click the “Check Updates” button, click “Plug-In” from the list of types and then either click the “Check Updates” button or choose “Check Updates” from the Actions menu. You will need to download and deploy the plug-in as per normal after that.

Hopefully that helps clarify a few areas for you! If you have any questions on ORAchk / EXAchk that haven’t been answered above, feel free to add the question as a comment on this post. I will then update the blog with your question and the answer!

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