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Oracle Cloud v/s Amazon Cloud

A few years ago, I taught an online class in Oracle Database administration for the University of Washington. Every student was given their own virtual machine in the Amazon cloud for the duration of the class, courtesy of Amazon. It was ridiculously simple to clone, start, stop, and destroy virtual machines using the Amazon CLI (command line interface). All students had full SSH and SQL*Net access to their virtual machines in the Amazon cloud. At that time, Oracle had a pitiful cloud offering: a single schema on Oracle Database 11g, a maximum of 50 GB of database storage, and no Oracle Net (SQL*Net) access

But Oracle has come a long way in the last couple of years and its cloud offering now boasts a command line interface and full SSH and SQL*Net access. I checked out the Oracle CLI and it appears to have everything that the Amazon CLI offers. For example, the Oracle CLI functions iaas-start-vservers and iaas-stop-vservers for stopping and starting virtual machines correspond to the Amazon CLI functions ec2_start_instances and ec2_stop_instances.

The future bodes well. Oracle showed off its stuff at the recent NoCOUG conference at PayPal. There were hands-on labs on In-Memory Option, Enterprise Manager 13c, and Oracle Database 12c. Each lab had 25 students, each of whom got their own virtual machine with full SSH and SQL*Net access.