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Oracle (finally) announces support for Oracle Database 11gR2 on OEL6

Over a year after first releasing Oracle Enterprise Linux 6, Oracle finally announced Thursday that it will support running Oracle Databases on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 (OEL6). Currently, the certification is only valid with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK).

What’s that? You thought Oracle already supported their flagship software product on the current version of their flagship operating system and kernel? Well that is what most of Blue Gecko’s Remote DBA customers thought too. Too often we have had to break the news to a customer who has already dutifully built out their hosts with Oracle’s latest Linux that they will need to reinstall with OEL 5.x in order to be running a supported combination.

Oracle’s certification site adds a few more details. Although the UEK v.2 has been available since March 13, this certification only applies to OEL6 with UEK v.1. So don’t go upgrading to the latest and greatest UEK yet. Also, this certification appears to be valid only for x86-64 architectures, not i386. My Oracle Support’s Certify tool also only shows the certification as valid only for Oracle databases running patchset

Finally, certain things you would want to have when running Oracle, such as the oracle-validated RPM bundle, are still missing from the Unbreakable Linux Network’s OEL6 Yum repositories.

Our advice is to not go rushing to upgrade yet. Let’s give it a few months for the early adopters to flush out the usual SNAFUs, and then take another look.