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Oracle hidden costs revealed, part 1 – Does a batch job run faster when executed locally?

This series is about revealing some Oracle’s internal execution costs and inefficiencies. I will analyze few situations and special cases where you can experience a performance hit where you normally wouldn’t expect to.

The first topic is about a question I saw in a recent Oracle Forum thread.

The question goes like this: “Is there any benefit if I run long sql queries from the server (by using telnet,etc) or from the remote by sql client.”

In order to leave out the network transfer cost of resultset for simplicity, I will rephrase the question like that: “Do I get better performance when I execute my server-side batch jobs (which don’t return any data to client) locally from the database server versus a remote application server or workstation?”

The obvious answer would be “NO, it does not matter where from you execute your batch job, as Oracle is a client server database system. All execution is done locally regardless of the client’s location, thus the performance is the same”.

While this sounds plausible in theory, there is (at least) one practical issue which can affect Oracle server performance depending on the clients platform and client libaries version.

It is caused by regular in-band break checking in client server communication channel where out of band break signalling is not available. A test case is below: