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Oracle OpenWorld 2013 – Bloggers Meetup

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Oracle OpenWorld Bloggers Meetup Oracle OpenWorld 2013 is just few weeks away, and of course, we are organizing the Annual Oracle Bloggers Meetup — one of your top favorite events of OpenWorld.

What: Oracle Bloggers Meetup 2013

When: Wed, 25-Sep-2013, 5:30pm

Where: Main Dining Room, Jillian’s Billiards @ Metreon, 101 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (street view). Please comment with “COUNT ME IN” if coming — we need to know the attendance numbers.

id="more-59017"> /> Traditionally, Oracle Technology Network and Pythian sponsor the venue and drinks. We will also have some cool things and few prizes.

As usual, vintage t-shirts from previous meetups will make you look cool — feel free to wear them. We won’t make it too busy with activities this year as we have so many folks coming now and we barely have enough time to network and say hello.

However, we couldn’t resist another competition so this year wou will compete for the best video composition from Oracle Blogger Meetup — edit it, process is and do whatever you want with it but there are few conditions:

  1. Must be under 3 minutes total
  2. All scenes must be shoot at the meetup
  3. Must be shared on Youtube by 15-Oct

Recommendations — make it funny, get as many bloggers into it as you can, make it a story… be yourself — it’s your film! Get your creative film director juices flowing!

For those of you who don’t know the history… The Bloggers Meetup during Oracle OpenWorld was started by Mark Rittman and continued by Eddie Awad, and then I picked up the flag in 2009 (gosh… it’s 5 years I’ve been doing it?). The meetups have been a great success so let’s keep them this way! To give you an idea, here are the photos from the OOW08 Bloggers Meetup (courtesy of Eddie Awad) and OOW09 meetup blog post update from myself.

While the initial meetings were mostly around Oracle database folks, the latest meetups are joined by guys and gals from lots of Oracle technologies – Oracle database, MySQL, Applications, Sun technologies, Java, and more. All bloggers are welcome. We estimate to gather around 150 bloggers.

If you are planning to attend, please comment here with the phrase “COUNT ME IN”. This will help us make sure we have the attendance numbers right. Make sure you provide your blog URL with your comment — it’s a Bloggers Meetup after all! Make sure you comment here if you are attending so that we have enough room, food, and (most importantly) drinks. Last year we barely fit (again!).

Of course, do not under any circumstances forget to blog and tweet about this year’s bloggers meetup.