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Here’s the content of an email I sent to Packt back in February this year:

Please ensure that I don’t hear from Packt again.

I have been approached twice in the past and explained that I don’t have the time, and I’m not interested in reviewing books where I have had no involvement with the authors.

This elicited an apology, of course, then on 4th August (after two more pieces of spam from them) I sent them another email quoting the above with the following introduction:

Further to your recent emails, please see below the contents of a note I sent to one of your fellow “executives” at packt a few months ago.

Please note that if I hear from packt again I will publish a note on my blog pointing out that you are a disorganised, incompetent and unprofessional bunch of spammers.

Again I received an apology assuring me it wouldn’t happen again – but look what arrived by email yesterday:

Hi Jonathan,

My name is Rohit and I work with Packt Publishing, a U.K. based publishing firm specializing in IT books.

I came across your blog via a Google search and noticed a good amount of relevant information and blog updates related to Oracle.

We have recently published a new book titled Governance , Risk, And Compliance Handbook For Oracle Applications. Written by Nigel King & Adil R Khan, This book includes an in-depth coverage of corporate, IT, and security Governance, creating a risk management program, performing risk assessment and control verification, cross-industry, cross-regional laws and regulations, and much more. You can read more about the book here:- .

With your knowledge and expertise in Oracle, I feel you’d be an excellent reviewer for this book. Hence, if this subject interests you and you’ d like to go through a copy, simply let me know and I’ll have the eBook added to your account and would provide you with the download instructions in my next e-mail. You can then download this book instantly.

It’s possible, of course, that there are plenty of excellent writers that have published through Packt, and it’s possible that those writers have been treated courteously, professionally, and efficiently; but Packt seems to be happy to have me tell the world that its staff is: “a disorganised, incompetent and unprofessional bunch of spammers”.