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PASS Summit 2019 Learning Pathways

Hello from Atlanta, where I’m preparing for tomorrow’s SQL Saturday and arrived for the great news announcing this year’s PASS Summit 2019 Learning Pathways.

These sessions are two or more sessions to provide a more complete learning opportunity for the attendee.  I’ll be part of two of these pathways:

Technical Leadership: Becoming a Technical Leader with Denise McInerney

Linux for SQL Server Professionals: Empowering the SQL Professional with Linux Scripting

I’m looking forward both to the first, a leadership talk, as we rarely see a focus on how to forge a path in a technical career without often sacrificing our deeper technical skills.  This session should be intriguing on how to build our career and build it in a way that makes us successful and still work with what made us passionate about the career to begin with.

My Linux session is going to focus on BASH scripting-  how to set up a Linux host properly for more effective script management, how to script in BASH to do more with less code, how to reuse code vs. reinventing the wheel and build scripts that will stand the test of time.  It’s not about taking away from Powershell, but enhancing your skills to make more of the Linux backbone that is behind Azure and SQL Server 2017, (and soon, 2019).

Do PASS Summit right, get into the pathways.


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