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PASS Summit 2019 is NEXT WEEK!

I’m getting ready for SQL Saturday Oregon this weekend, (taking the train up from Eugene to Portland…) but its about time I talked about the exhilarating and exhausting event we call PASS Summit.

This year I was lucky enough to be chosen as a speaker and a blogger.  Bloggers at the conference get the opportunity to sit in special zones during keynotes and we write about the event.  We also get special access to Microsoft PMs, (although I may be the only one who works for Microsoft attending vs. running them… :)) I look forward to all of the blogger perks and recommend it to anyone who has a passion for writing about our community and tech.

I’m also a speaker again this year, presenting in two of the learning pathways sessions.  The first is the Leadership Pathway, pressing in the first session with Denise McInerney on Becoming a Technical Leader.  We’ll be presenting on Wednesday, Nov. 6th, at 10:15am in room 612.  Its an introduction session for anyone wanting to know how to be more in their career and what makes a leader over just becoming another “manager”.

My second session is the second of three in the Linux Pathway, “Empowering the SQL Server Professional with Linux Scripting” in room 612 at 1:30 on Thursday. This is going to be a hands on lab in 70 minutes, so come prepared!!

Bring your laptop and download the scripts from my Github repository and you can play along from a Linux console.  I will be teaching best practices and the sample scripts and VI cheat sheet should allow those in the session to get a full 101 on Linux scripting with BASH.  It’s a not to miss, but so are the first and third session in this series-  Hamish Watson will be teaching Linux Fundamentals at 3:15 on Tuesday in room 608 and Randolph West will be presenting Managing and Monitoring SQL Server from the Linux Command Line at 2pm on Friday in room 612.

The three of these sessions should give you a strong base to work from if Linux is in scope for your goals for this year at Summit.  I plan on focusing on a few goals for learning for myself, including some Advanced Analytics, Azure Data Studio, Custom Visuals in Power BI and an Azure DevOps session or two.

As the wayward president of the Denver SQL Server Group, there are community meetings and fellow regional members to meet as part of the PASS Community Zone.  I’ll have a few meetings to attend and discussions around what we’re doing well and what we can do better in the community.

There are also a ton of other events, such as WIT luncheon, WIT happy hour, game night, karaoke night, dinners, donuts and let’s just say I’ll be heading home on Friday evening so I can recover for a couple days… </p />

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