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PASS Summit, Women in Technology ROCKS!

PASS Summit 2018 is the 16th annual WIT luncheon.  Many of the men are wearing kilts in support of the women in the SQL community, (it’s a thing here…) there’s a luncheon, there’s special panels and highlight on the women authors and speakers.


Women in Tech Speaker

The WIT speaker was Lauri Bingham, the Director of Technology Engineering Project Management at T-Mobile.  

Lauri shared her early life, the challenges her mother went through as a single, working mother without an employment history.  She said she made a promise to herself that she’d never be in that position and how her passion in technology was first sparked by a class in BASIC in school.

Lauri was able to share her story of how, at 25, she was a single mother, herself and how her career in technology created an opportunity for her to support and succeed where without her tech career, she might not have had that.

Lauri told us the history of TMobile’s grassroots WITorganization, what worked, what didn’t and their opportunities to redesign whatthey’d begun with if it didn’t first work. 

Grow it

The growth of TMobile’s WIT initiative was backed by data to ensure that what they were doing was building success.  They adjusted what they were doing. 

TMobile does a Boys and Girls Club STEM event, exposing ournext generation to technology and careers they may not have had an opportunityto experience, called Project-T.  They’vecontinued these events and have grown these events even with a mobileclassroom.

I love hearing how women in tech initiatives can be grown, the success they result in towards the business and the women who have a passion for technology.  This is why so many women are becoming more involved in WIT events and groups.  The results I see around me at Summit speak for themselves.

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