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Performance Visualization made easy – PerfSheet 2.0 beta

Update: Luca Canali has written a newer version of Perfsheet (PerfSheet v4) and you can download it here. I am not updating/maintaining the old versions anymore (and Perfsheet v3 is only tested on up to Excel 2007) so I’d recommend to check out Luca’s PerfSheet v4.

Hi all,

I have been extremely busy over last couple of months, that’s why there haven’t been any blog entries (no, I haven’t ran out of good ideas ;-)

I just managed to find some time on a day-time 9-hour flight from Shanghai to Finland, thus here’s a blog entry about something what I had wanted to write about for long time… I’m talking about the PerfSheet tool I wrote a year ago and have been showing at few conferences already. It has been a great time saver for me over this year when working through performance data for troubleshooting or capacity planning tasks.

If you don’t want to read further through my comments, just download PerfSheet from and see how it works yourself!

For others, let me give some history first: