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Quick install of prometheus, node_exporter and grafana

This blogpost is a follow up of this blogpost, with the exception that the install method in this blogpost is way easier, it uses an Ansible playbook to do most of the installation.

1. Install git and ansible via EPEL:

# yum -y localinstall
# yum -y install ansible git

2. Clone my ‘prometheus_node_exp_grafana_install’ repository:

# git clone

3. Run the prometheus.yml playbook to install prometheus, node_exporter and grafana:

# cd prometheus_node_exp_grafana_install
# ansible-playbook prometheus.yml

Now all you need to do is setup grafana (at port 3000) to talk to prometheus to fetch data.
If you are interested, the memory usage dashboard can be imported, dashboard id 2747.

In fact, it seems node_exporter has renamed the operating system statistics, so the old Linux memory dashboard didn’t work anymore. I updated it, and uploaded a new version of the memory usage dashboard.