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RMOUG Training Days 2015!

OK, Oracle EM hat off, RMOUG Training Days hat on! :)

So as many of you know, RMOUG Board of Directors made the smart move after I joined Oracle, instead of losing a valuable member of the board, they moved me to being a non-voting board member emeritus and realized that I could still serve as the Training Days Conference Director.  The conference is by far, the most demanding position on the board and its a role that I relish and have the skills for.  Oracle is happy.  RMOUG is happy.  Membership is happy.  Training Days is taken care of… :)

This year I’m taking it up a notch and I wanted to talk about why RMOUG Training Days 2015 is the one conference you DON’T want to miss!

Project O.W.L.

The OWL is not just our mascot, it stands for Oracle Without Limits and Project O.W.L. is a new event at Training Days that will offer the attendee some great, new opportunities to learn, to interact with those in the industry and to immerse in the technology we love.  The event will center behind our great exhibition area and will have the following:

RAC Attack

RAC Attack will be back this year and better than ever!  Learn all the ins and outs of an Oracle RAC by building on on your laptop!  Experts will be on hand from the ACE and Oracle community to help you with your questions and make you a RAC Attack ninja!

Clone Attack

Delphix is bringing Clone Attack for those who want to find out how quickly you can provision environments!  Find out how much space and time savings can be reached and do it all on a VM on your laptop!

Oracle Engineered System and Hardware Demo

Want to get up close and personal with some great Oracle hardware?  You’ll get the chance at Project O.W.L.  Oracle is going to be bringing some of the newest, coolest appliances and engineered systems so you can find out just how cool it really is!

Stump the Chump

Have a real technical conundrum?  Want to see if you have the tech question that our experts can’t answer?  We’ll have opportunities to ask the experts your tough questions and if they can’t get you an answer, you’ll get a “I stumped the chump” button to wear proudly at the conference!

New Attendee Recommendation Initiative

I was first introduced to Training Days by the recommendation of a Senior DBA I worked with back in 2004.  There is nothing more valuable than word of mouth and we are going to reward that at TD2015.  If you recommend someone new to Training Days and they list your name on their registration form as the one that recommended them, we’ll reward you with a $25 amazon gift card after the conference!

Special Interest Meetup Lunch

Our SIGs are an important part of our membership.  Show your support the first day by taking your box lunch and sitting in on one of the SIG meetups!  There are so many special interest groups to be a part of, so find out what you’ve been missing out on!

  • Hyperion
  • Big Data and Cloud
  • Enterprise Manager
  • Higher Education
  • Database 12c
  • APEX
  • and others!

ACE Lunches

We’re bringing back our ACE lunches both days again!  If you aren’t in on a SIG lunch, sit with your favorite ACE, ACE Associate or ACE Director and find out what got them where they are in the Oracle community.  Talk tech with the best in the industry!

Deep Dive and Hands on Lab

For those with a full registration pass, (we have single day passes for those that can’t get away for the full conference…)  the first 1/2 day is our gift to you!  From 1-5:15pm on the 17th, you will get to immerse yourself in hands on labs and deep dives from the best of the best in Oracle database, development ADF and APEX and even one of my favorites, Enterprise Manager Database as a Service!  This is a first come first serve sessions that day, (until we hit the room capacity limit, trust me, you do not want to tick off the fire marshal at the convention center… :)) so get there early and get the most out of your full registration!

Two Full Days, 100 Sessions!

Yes, you heard me right-  two days, 100 sessions, 9 tracks!  We have Steven Feuerstein, Jeff Smith, Iggy Fernandez, Kyle Hailey, David Peake, Scott Spendolini, Alex Gorbachev, Graham Wood, Bryn Llewellyn, Carlos Sierra and John King.  New speakers this year for RMOUG, (we work very hard to introduce new speakers into our schedule…) include Bjoern Rost, Rene Antunez, Werner De Gruyter, (Yoda!) and Wayne Van Sluys.

Professional Development and More!

I will be heading up our ever popular Women in Technology series on the first full day again this year!  The panel is starting to form and I look forward to everyone who attends getting the most out of the session and to further their love of their tech career.  This session is not just for women, but for father’s of daughters, husbands who want more for their wives, managers of women employees and even those that are hoping to hire more diversity in their departments!

Jeff Smith and I will be doing another year of Social Media for the Database Professional!  Come learn HOW to do Social Media instead of just the WHY.  We’ll teach you how to automate, find the easy button for social media and how to find your social media style to make it work for you and your career.

The schedule is set up so that there is something impressive all day every day for the 2015 conference and I’m excited to share it with everyone!  Registration is open, so don’t miss out on what is going to be the best Training Days yet!







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