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RMOUG Training Days 2018

So Training Days is coming up in two weeks.  You haven’t registered to attend?  How you feeling about that?

Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group, (RMOUG) has the largest Oracle user group grassroots conference each February.  For the 2018 year, we decided to shake it up with:

  • A new venue, The Westminster Westin Conference Center
  • A new management company, EPS Conference Management
  • A new Training Days Director, Komal Goyal
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This was a huge undertaking and I have to say, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but it was time.  There’s nothing scarier than saying, “but this is the way we’ve always done it” and it wasn’t that there was anything wrong with how we’d done it, but there’s also something to be said for adding value to a great event by doing something new and taking a few risks.

I came back to supplement my tasks as president to help Komal, as it is a huge undertaking.  We signed on Penny Avril as the keynote last month, added a WIT luncheon and an AWS workshop.  All of these are pretty damn impressive. We’ve replaced so much, but the one thing we didn’t touch was the fantastic speakers and great content.

There are four workshops on the first day:

  • Mike Dietrich
  • Kent Graziano
  • John King
  • Peter Koletzke

There’s over 100 sessions over 2 1/2 days from some of the best speakers in the Oracle community.  If you’re interested in a certain track or topic, consider searching by filter.

It all sums up to be a fantastic and impressive event that will all happen in Westminster, CO in a couple weeks.  Are you going to really miss this much awesomeness?  </p />

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