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My entrance at the Polish Oracle User Group conference 2017 has just resurfaced on Twitter. There is a back-story to this which contains an allegorical lesson in using Oracle. As I said in the opening remarks in the subsequent presentation: “The lesson began before I got to the stage”.

Like all the other speakers at POUG2017 I had received an email asking me to name a tune for a playlist. Having decided that Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikowski were not the sort of composers the organisers had in mind I nominated (with a touch of irony) “Who wants to live forever?” by Queen (despite Richard Foote’s strenuous efforts to turn the Oracle world to David Bowie).

When the conference started I noticed two things: first, that the tunes for the “playlist” were actually being used to accompany speakers to the stage, secondly that the admin staff were all wearing monk-like gowns and hoods. So I asked for my tune to be changed to “The Imperial March” (Darth Vader’s theme) and borrowed the gown from the tallest admin person, with the results you see in the video clip.

So what’s the Oracle allegory ?

First you read the manuals, then you observe how it really works before you go live.