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Secret Hacking Session: Find Out How Oracle SQL Plans Are Really Executed!

Yes, I am going to run a yet another secret hacking session next week!

  • Title: Secret Hacking Session: How Oracle SQL Plans Are Really Executed!
  • Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2013
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST



This is not a yet another talk about how to extract and display execution plans.

It is also not a theoretical talk about how to read execution plans in general.

You should know this stuff already :)

In this extremely low level hacking session where we’ll use various tracing, stack sampling and even DTrace to trace SQL plan execution, where exactly do the logical and physical IOs happen and how does the data flow up the execution plan tree.

As usual, my secret hacking sessions are not formal training events with slides and structure, but as the name says, unstructured, fun hacking sessions where most of the time is spent in Oracle sqlplus and OS shell!

We’ll be drilling down into low-level internals deep and fast – so this session is not for faint-hearted! ;)

This is a one hour hacking session, which more than likely will take two hours.

I will be showing only a couple of random slides, if you want to read my old slide deck on this topic, download it here (plus a few helpful blog articles related to SQL execution plans and internals):

Also, if you care about systematic SQL tuning – then my Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning v2.0 online seminar starts on 11. March!

See you on Tuesday!