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Some folks are STILL trying to justify violence on religious grounds. Very sad.

Christ was very clear “Love your neighbor and your enemy as yourself.” You can SAY you’re Christian and do hateful things all the time, and none of us is perfect (Methodists like to say we’re trying to keep on a walk toward perfection, knowing that is not a walk we will complete), but you really are not a Christian if you are preaching hatred of … any … one … most especially and saying this hatred comes with God’s approval. Sigh. Oh – and the bit about which prophesy is being fulfilled and when – don’t bother. He’s coming back like a thief in the night and no one will know the day or time of His Coming until it happens. Anyone who thinks they can decode specifics out of Revelations is just wrong, from Christ’s own mouth. As for extracting literal rules out of the old testament, that would be a neat trick if anyone could do it figuring translations, symbols, arcana of math and all that, but the new covenant tempered all those things with the rule of Love anyway. So even if you buy as literal the old testament based on Emperor Constantine’s wishes of what it was useful for the Roman empire to include, you have to re-interpret all that in light of the new testament. Christ and Mohammed both ultimately proclaimed the rules of love and peace. So a great cartoon would be Mohammed down in the dumps and Jesus walks by and asks Mo “why so sad Mo?” And Mo replies: “Some people who claim to follow Islam are wantonly killing innocents and it is happening all the time.” Tsk, Tsk, Mo. You gave them some pretty tough rules. Imagine how I feel. I told them to Love One Another and Love their neighbor as themselves, and still I get people killing people in My Name. I did said go and make disciples in all nations. I never said “At the point of a sword!”

So yeah. Even though I’m a published scientist (thanks for the co-author status, Andy. Maybe, as you said, I did earn it – but it was still kind) and I think that if you want to make predictions about what is going to happen on this physical plane you devise theories and methods to test the theories and use the theory that is most likely (given the confidence levels of those test results) to produce a correct result for the situation you face… Even though, that, I think we can improve the world by thinking in term’s of Christ’s Love. Give it a try. You do not have to stop making rational decisions. Now I’ll leave you with a verse, and many of you will probably hum the tune: “Lord I want to be a Christian, In my heart, In me he-art. Lord I want to be a Christian, In my hear.

And seriously, if you’re moved to violence by something, no way you get to claim it was for God.