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Speaker info for Perth, Australia

I have just got back from the Groundbreakers Latin America tour, and the travelling was made so much easier with the information provided by the organizers. So with the APAC tour coming up, I felt duty bound to give some hopefully useful information about my home town in Perth.

Flying in/out

There are two airport terminals in Perth. In times gone by, these were known as the Domestic and International terminals because, as the names suggest, domestic flights within Australia landed at one, and flights from overseas landed at the other. Hence locals will still refer to the terminals as “domestic” and “international”. However, due to all sorts of politics and bickering between airlines, times have changed.

The “Domestic” airport is now officially Terminal 3 and 4, and takes all Qantas and Jetstar flights (both domestic and international). The “International” airport is now Terminal 1 and 2, which takes all of the other airlines (including Tiger, Virgin for domestic) and all the major international carriers. Compounding all of this is that if your Qantas international flight (normally Terminal 4) is being operated by a partner (Emirates) then it might take off from Terminal 1.

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