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StarEast, InteropITX and GDPR

I’m getting ready to get on a plane between two events today and have been so busy, that there’s been a break in blogging.  That’s right folks, Kellyn has let a few things slide….

For those people on top of all the happenings in Kevlar’s life, I’ve been busy removing 15 years of possessions from my home so we can sell it in the next month, along with the purchase, upgrade and consolidation into a 42Ft. travel trailer.  It’s quite an undertaking, so a few things have had to be put lower on the priority list to complete the rest.  I am finishing up a technical review of an Oracle Cloud book from Apress and signed on to write a Women in Technology book.

I’m happiest when I’m busy, but this is a bit too much for anyone, needless to say.  I’m going to add a short blog while I have a minute on what is going on this week.  I’m representing Delphix and just finished speaking at Techwell’s StarEast Software Testing conference in Orlando.  This session was incredibly well attended, with great interaction from those there, (I love questions and comments, what can I say?)  I met with lay requested audience for my “Genius Bar” meeting and was able to update my slides to compliment the audience, which was a majority of testers looking to embrace DevOps into their business.

I will then get on a plane in a few hours for Las Vegas for the Interop ITX conference.  Thanks to the referral from Karen Lopez, I’m going to speak on data and DevOps at this event, (if my plane will stop with the delays, already…. :))  I’m looking forward to getting back to Las Vegas, (wasn’t I just there last week for Collaborate??) and hopefully get to see Karen Lopez and maybe even Gwen Shapira for a minute or two!

Keep an eye on this space-  lots of great stuff in the next couple weeks with Great Lakes Oracle Conference, (GLOC)  Data Summit and SQL Saturday Dallas!


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