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Statspack installation scripts

When Diagnostic Pack is disabled, either because you don’t have Diagnostic Pack or you are in Standard Edition, I highly recommend to install Statspack. When you will need it, to investigate on an issue that occured in the past, you will be happy to have it already installed and gathering snapshots.

I order to be sure to have it installed correctly, there’s a bit more to do than just what is described in spcreate.doc and I detail that in a UKOUG Oracle Scene article Improving Statspack Experience.

For easy download, I’ve put the scripts on GitHub:

You will find the following scripts for Statspack installation:

  • 01-install.sql to create the tablespace and call spcreate
  • 02-schedule.sql to schedule snap and purge jobs
  • 03-idle-events.sql to fix issue described at
  • 04-modify-level.sql to collect execution plans and segment statistics

And some additional scripts:

  • 08-create-delta-views.sql to create views easy to query
  • 11-comment-with-load.sql to add load information to snapshots without comments

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