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Some time ago I added the “subscribe” option to the right-hand panel to allow people to register for automatic email whenever I posted a new article. (I’ve also checked how easy it is to unsubscribe if you change your mind  - and it’s very easy)

Since then I haven’t been paying attention to how many people have subscribed – but I noticed today that the total number of active subscribers has gone over 250, which is quite nice.

If you haven’t noticed the option you might want to think about it:

  • benefit – you don’t have to check for new posts;
  • drawback – you don’t get any notification of comments on posts – unless you also subscribe to individual posts

Update 31st Aug 2010: Following the comments about RSS feeds, I’ve added a poll to this article to make it easier for people to express an opinion. If you also want to make a comment about which is better, feel free, but if you just want to register a preference it just takes a couple of clicks.

Update 1st Sept 2010: After 24 hours the votes have come in at roughly 2 to 1 in favour of full feeds – so I’ve changed the syndication settings to full feed, showing comment count.

Update 24th November 2010: WordPress keeps adding little details to their product – and I discovered this morning that the latest change is that they can now send email to a blog owner every time someone registers as a new subscriber. This prompted me to check how many subscribers I have – and it’s just gone up to 347. (I’ve decided to tell myself that this is why my viewing stats seem to have dropped off slightly – more people have decided to do the efficient thing by subscribing and then just reading the articles, so they spend less time browsing the blog and following recent comments, and more time doing their job.)