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Taking on a new position

After a couple of months of looking around, a good friend (that I now owe a few beers to!) reached out to me to tell me he’d recommended me for a position with a company based out of Brisbane (well, the Australian office is there anyway!) The very next day, after a couple of interviews, I decided the company he recommended would be a great fit from both a technical and a team perspective, and we had a verbal agreement that I would start work with them on July 24th. Now that the paperwork has officially been signed, I can tell you that I’ve taken on a role as a Senior Managed Services Consultant with Red Stack Tech. There are two things that attracted me to the role:

  1. It will allow me to be more hands on than I have been for a few years, while still taking advantage of my technical architecture skills
  2. Equally importantly, the team culture of the company sounds like it’ll be a great fit. For someone who has spent far too long working to the US, working as part of a team again will be just fantastic! The role is still remote (in that I’ll be working from home, remotely from customers), but will still involve working closely with others in the team to resolve customer issues.

I’m really looking forward to working with such a great company!

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