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Thanks ODC, Oracle WIT Edition #ThanksODC

Just in case you wondered, if you do a search for #ThanksODC and leave the “C” off, you get a lot of stuff on the boy band, One Direction…. You can thank me later for that warning….

The sheer amount of thank you posts for Oracle Development Community Appreciation Day, (#ThanksODC) and the historical hashtag for reference, #ThanksOTN are impressive, but I waited a day on mine so I could continue the support for the Oracle Women in Technology, (and @ORAWit).  Here are the ThankODC blog posts from the great women of the Oracle Community!

I’m going to start with Flora B, (@floo_bar) in recognizing her first blog post!!  I’m even more thrilled its on the Enterprise Manager CLI-  a topic near and dear to my heart!

She’s off to a great start and I look forward to seeing more from her in the upcoming years!

Sabine, (@oraesque) has been creating some awesome content and wasn’t to be outdone today when she posted on why she liked ansi-joins.

Another newer contributor to the Oracle community is Mandy Sandhu, (@Mandysandhu14) She wrote a great post on a topic that all DBAs run into sooner or later, moving datafiles.

Opal, (@opal_EPM) made sure to get her post out on OAC Cube Designer and is one of the first editions post publish!

Next is Heli, (@HeliFromFinland) and her post on the JSON Data Guide.

Debra, (@debralilley) made sure to get her post out, too, relinking to other posts she’s done with a focus on the Visual Cloud Builder.

And although I didn’t see anything from Paula Pullas, (@Techbyppullas) she is also following the full #ThanksODC feed on Twitter, so she’s a good one to follow for the full list of everyone’s posts.

I will search when possible to update this post for any additional posts as the day progresses.  Go #OraWIT!!


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