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Time for #GLOC, #SQLSatDallas, #DataSummit18

The next nine days, I’m traveling to three cities for four events. We’ll just call this the 9-3-4 gauntlet of speaker life. I booked this travel as four, one-way flights to get the itinerary
I needed to make the most of my schedule and will have breaks between each event to make sure I don’t kill myself my last two weeks at Delphix.


Today I’m heading to the Great Lakes Oracle Conference, ( where I get to present on DevOps and hang out with all my Oracle peeps. GLOC is the second largest regional Oracle user group event and closing fast on my region’s event, RMOUG Training Days. They’ve done a great job embracing APEX into their program in the last year and I’m looking forward to being in Cleveland, a city that’s really starting to come into its own since the olden days, when the river caught on fire….(yeah, I went there.)

SQL Saturday Dallas

I’ll depart early on Thursday morning to arrive in Dallas, TX in time for the second event, the Dallas SQL User Group’s Speaker Idol, ( I’ll be a judge, scoring and offering constructive, (as well as insightful) feedback to speakers at this event. I made a promise to, so don’t be afraid and come and speak! I attended my first Speaker Idol at Summit 2017 and really enjoyed the presentations, the quality of constructive advice to the speakers and the opportunity to receive that type of feedback.

Dallas happens to be home to a number of great people in the MSSQL community and I’ll get to hang out with Mindy Cornett, Amy Herald, Jen and Sean McGown, who reside in the area, along with staying at an AirBnB with Tracy Borrgiano. I also have a pair of gorgeous Dr. Marten oxfords for Ms. Angela Tidwell, too. Yes, they fit in my 20in suitcase with 9 days worth of my own belongings.

I’ll be staying the weekend, as I’m then speaking at SQL Saturday Dallas, ( talking on DevOps, but this time to the MSSQL community. I’ll have Sunday to relax, (could have gone home, but too late now!) maybe hang out with friends, but definitely check out the area. Jessica Sharp and Mary Elizabeth McNeeley will be in attendance, so will be great to see everyone while I’m in Dallas.

Data Summit 2018

Monday I head back up north to Boston for DBTA’s Data Summit, ( conference. This time I’m speaking on DevOps with Big Data, focused on DataOps or in other words, “You can’t do anything if you can’t get your data along with it.” I’m kind of bummed I didn’t plan more time to visit in Boston, as it’s one of my favorite historical spots to invest time in. As some know, I’m a history buff and it just doesn’t seem right to not visit some of the awesome historical sites in Boston, but hell, after 9 days on the road, I’m going to be more than ready to head home!

I’ll be one of the first on the plane next Thursday so I can get home and spend the next number of days working on my latest “hobby”- the trailer. I have some trim to put down for the new floors I installed this last weekend and painting to do. After that, it’s move in time! Stay tuned…

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