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Time is Gold

So many have asked me when I’m starting at Microsoft and the official date is Monday, June 11th now.  Many also wonder what my upper limits are on how much I can handle, well folks, it looks like we’ve reached them!

I was supposed to start this last Monday, but as my last day approached, it became all the more clear that there was a need to change my ending and start date.  Individual deadlines had pushed out, requirements changed and I was left feeling a bit overwhelmed because as most know, I don’t do anything the easy way-  major change?  I’ll make three or four at once!  I’m fearless…and sometimes a bit crazy in my endeavors.

As anyone knows, “The best laid plans of mice and [wo]men often go astray” and as such, this is for me as well.  I needed time to get one kid into her apartment, another moved to his Father’s before college and then we need to sell/donate 95% of our belongings.  Why?  Because as many of you know, Tim and I are selling our house and moving into a 42Ft. 5th wheel.  Oh, that brand new 5th wheel?  Yes, I wanted to remodel it beforehand to make sure it would support our lifestyle, including remote working.  This included chained generators, proper work areas and multiple WiFi options.  These don’t come easy and along with that, I decided to change jobs.

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