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TVD$XTAT 4.0 Beta 11

This is just a short note to point out that I finally uploaded under the downloadable files of TOP a new version of TVD$XTAT. To download it click here. Not only I introduced some new features, but I also fixed several bugs.

The detailed change log since Beta 10 is the following:

  • Added support for bind sets using array processing
  • Added support for client driver (12.1)
  • Added support for container ID (12.1)
  • Added “active” template (JavaScript/jQuery required)
  • Improved “html” and “text” template (including changes in tvdxtat.xsd)
  • Improved processing of recursive statements
  • Improved processing of parse errors
  • Improved processing of missing parent cursors
  • Extended the list of recognized SQL statements (12.1 + 12.2)
  • Fix to correctly handle 12.2 timestamps
  • Fix to correctly handle adaptive execution plans
  • Fix to correctly handle empty lines and special characters located in bind sections
  • Fix to correctly handle CDATA sections into the text of SQL statements
  • Fix to correctly handle timestamps into the text of SQL statements
  • Fix to correctly handle RPC call statistics
  • Fix to use correct “less-than or equal” character in output file
  • Fix to correctly handle invalid trace files
  • New defaults in “active” template and release 12

As always, your feedback is welcome!