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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

After about four months without any speaking engagements, over the next three months I’ll have the opportunity to speak at several events. I’m looking forward to meet you at one of them!

April 3, I’ll be in Baden-Dättwil to speak about “ASH Analytics” at an event organized by SOUG. Since this is a new presentation covering some stuff that I wrote for the second edition of TOP, I’m looking forward to see how it works.

April 29/30, I’ll be in Berlin for presenting a 2-day seminar about the query optimizer. The event is organized by DOAG. Also in this case the content is based on the second edition of TOP. By the way, there are still a handful of free seats… so, if you are interested, don’t wait too long to subscribe.

May 20, during the evening, I’ll be in Birmingham to speak at an event organized by Oracle Midlands. I’ll give two presentations: “Adaptive Query Optimization” and “Row Chaining and Row Migration Internals”.

May 28, during the evening, I’ll be in Paris to speak about the query optimizer new features in 12c. Since I’ll be the only speaker, I’ll have enough time to go through all slides that I prepared for similar presentations that I held in the past (e.g. OOW, DOAG and OTWUK).

June 3, I’ll be in Düsseldorf to speak about “Adaptive Query Optimization” at DOAG Datenbank 2014.

June 10/11, I’ll be at the CBO Days 2014 in Zurich for a 2-day depth dive about query optimization. For me, this will be the highlight of 2014. With speakers like Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, Mohamed Zait and Markus Winand sharing their knowledge, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be a great event! By the way, the early bird discount ends April 1st. Hence, don’t wait any longer if you want to attend the event at a lower price.

June 17, I’ll be in Vienna to speak about “Adaptive Query Optimization” at AOUG Anwenderkonferenz 2014.

For details about all my presentations and links to the event’s pages, refer to this page.

By the way, two additional events are in the pipeline, but they aren’t confirmed yet. So, stay tuned ;-)