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The User Group Tour

Those of you that have been around Oracle for some time may already be aware of the various OTN tours. These tours bring well known speakers to some of the smaller (relatively speaking) regions that often don’t get to see some of the big name speakers, simply because of audience size. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been involved in the OTN APAC tour, and recently returned from the New Zealand leg of the tour for this year. I presented two workshops – one on Database Lifecycle Management and one on DBaaS – as well as standing in for a sick presenter and covering Snap Clone in Enterprise Manager 12c. For me, the best value for the conference was (as it so often is) the time spent interacting both with customers and other speakers / exhibitors. It was great to catch up with so many people I haven’t seen for a long time, both from within Oracle and outside of it.

In many ways, the New Zealand leg of the OTN APAC Tour is the start of my very own user group tour. Over the next few months, I’ll be presenting at UKOUG, RMOUG and possibly Collaborate 15 and Kscope 15. Should be a fun time, provided my back and knee hold out. I was on crutches at the NZOUG conference and will be for UKOUG as well.

UKOUG Tech14

This will be my first time at the UKOUG conference. I hear it’s one of the better user group conferences to get to. Of course, in my case getting there is going to be the problem since I’ll still be on crutches. I’m flying from Canberra to Manchester with two stops:

  • Canberra to Sydney – the shortest leg, just to prepare me for the next leg. :) That’s only a 55 minute flight, so most of the time will be getting to and from cruising height. I suspect this one will be a Dash 8, which means I’ll have to check my laptop bag as premium luggage (taken from and delivered to me at the steps into the plane) and have to carry on the laptop itself. All these things are relatively easy when you’re not on crutches, but adding the crutches adds a whole new dimension of complexity!
  • Sydney to Dubai – after a 2 hour layover in Sydney, this is the real ugly one – 15 hours, 28 minutes estimated travel time. UGH! :( At least this time I can carry the laptop bag on. I had to get a new one so I could carry it on my back since wheeling a bag around isn’t the easiest of options with crutches! :)
  • Dubai to Manchester – after a 3 hour 40 minute layover in Dubai, a short 7 hours, 32 minutes – well, short compared to the leg before it anyway!

After landing in Manchester, I’ll be met by a good friend who’s volunteered to drive me to Liverpool. I wonder what state I’ll be in by that time!

Once I’m at the conference, I’ll kick things off with Super Sunday, probably attending most of the OakTable stream. I’m looking forward to meeting a few of my colleagues on the Oak Table from Europe that I haven’t met as yet, and of course there’s the ACE Dinner that night that the organizers have kindly invited me to. During the Tech14 conference itself, I’ll be helping out with Enterprise Manager Round Table at 2:30 on Monday, as well as presenting on Snap Clone on Tuesday at 3:00. I’m also visiting Barclays on the Thursday to discuss EM and how it can help them in their environment, before the long haul home again.

RMOUG Training Days

The RMOUG Training Days conference is one of my personal favourites, and to me one of the best grass roots user group conferences out there. I’ve presented at it multiple times, and have always enjoyed meeting up with my good friends on the organizing committee. This time round, I have two hands-on workshops (one on Delivering Pluggable Database as a Service (PDBaaS) with Enterprise Manager and the other on Delivering Schema as a Service with Enterprise Manager, and doing the Snap Clone presentation as well.

The two workshops are really designed to show you Database as a Service (DBaaS) in two different versions of the Oracle database. Schema as a Service works with releases prior to Oracle Database 12c, and as we all know, there are a lot of people out there who haven’t made the switch to DB12c as yet. Of course, there can be multiple reasons for that, but if you can, I really do suggest you make the move to DB12c and then look at using PDBaaS instead of Schema as a Service. It’s a much more straightforward implementation at the application level, since it addresses the namespace collision issue you need to deal with in Schema as a Service (see my posts here and here on Schema as a Service if what I just said is double dutch to you. ;) )

Once the conference is over, I’m looking forward to at least seeing some snow close up. I doubt I’ll be of much use for skiing or similar with my back and knee problems, but I can always hope to see Carol Dacko disappear from sight as she attempts a snow angel again! :)

Collaborate 15

This is another conference that I haven’t attended before, which I’m hoping to get to this time round. At the time I’m writing this, they haven’t announced acceptances for the conference, so I may or may not get there. Again, it’s a conference I’ve been wanting to get to but just haven’t had the opportunity as yet. Hopefully this year I’ll get there. THe only downside for me is that it’s in Las Vegas, a city I visited plenty of times for work when I was based in the US. It’s one of those places I wanted to visit to tick off my bucket list, but it really doesn’t hold a lot of attraction for me now I’ve been there. I’m not a gambler so the gaming side doesn’t interest me at all, but the shows are usually worth investigating. :)

Kscope 15

Like Collaborate 15, this is another conference I haven’t been to. I submitted a couple of papers for it as some of my colleagues said this was a great conference to get to, so we’ll see what comes of those!

So there you have it – a bunch of travel coming up to present at a variety of user group conferences. That’s one of the parts of my job as a database architect in the DBaaS group within EM that really makes me happy. I love talking with customers about what EM and DBaaS in particular can do to help them, so if you see me hobbling around on crutches at any of these conferences, come up and say hi!