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Want Peace in the Middle East? The Palestinians CAN Cause it to Happen

Want peace in the Middle East? It is actually pretty simple, but the best solution requires the Palestinians to unilaterally do something BOLDLY PEACEFUL. I promise you this will work: Get your folks together. Talk them into disarming and being the model of civility beyond any requirements of Israel for commerce, border crossing, WHATEVER. Invite their security forces in, all the way to your borders to protect you from external issues. Challenge your people to be easy to protect and civil and challenge Israel to protect you. Israel will relish the extra territorial distance from attack and the cost of providing security will pale compared to its value. Then make a long declaration of tolerance. Absurdly long. Let’s say 49 years. Challenge your people to suspend any and all aggressive acts for 49 years and to just play ball. Forgive each other all that is past, but do not demand prisoner releases. That will come.

Before long I promise you the improvement in life and the passage of time will enable you to relinquish mutual hate. Your children and your children’s children will look back on you as the historic makers of peace.

The challenge is to do it now, as soon as you can, even though mutual hatred still burns all around you.

Choose peace. It is the most honorable thing you can do and it is the way to achieve the best possible outcome in the long run. Sooner than you currently believe you will become fully trusted partners in a civil society.