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Where in the World is Goth Geek Girl, Week 41

So now that I’m finished just taking it easy, playing hooky from Oracle Open World and Oak Table World…uh, yeah….

I get to recover from emergency surgery for another week and while I’ve been busy writing slide content, building out new abstracts for the new year, along with content for a couple books, I’m finishing chapters on.  My ebook is about to come out for DevOps for the DBA: The Next Frontier, (I’ll be giving a few hard copies away at events in the next couple of months, but you can get a free copy at soon!)  This is an enhanced version of my blog post series that’s been running on Delphix’s site, including updated content surrounding DataOps. Along with all this, the awesome Dominic Delmolino and I’ve been trying to finish up a podcast.  I consider Dominic one of the father’s of database DevOps, (the man’s the same age as me, so hopefully he won’t be insulted by the “father” description…:)) I’ve also been busy with the demands of local user group board demands and for my upcoming schedule, there’s a few things in the next week to consider:

October 11th:

I’ll begin with a webinar next week for the SQL PASS Virtualization Group, doing a session on DevOps for the DBA.  This continues the ongoing discussion on the future of the DBA career, which many have been calling, DBA 3.0.

October 14th:

I’ll be presenting at SQL Saturday Charlotte with more DevOps for the DBA, this time in person!  If you’re part of the SQL Server industry, you should be part of SQL Pass, it’s free and there’s so much regional activity.  The education opportunities for SQL Server professionals is really impressive, so make sure to check it out.

October 18th:

I’m doing another webinar, this time for the SQL Pass Women in Technology group.  I’m incredibly pleased to be sharing my professional and personal journey in tech, The Power in the Simple Act of Doing.

October 27th:

Yes, there is an Oracle event in the midst of all those SQL Server ones!  I’ll be doing three sessions at the fall Indiana Oracle User Group event!   I just sent over the abstracts after I let them know months ago I would love to speak with them again and it will include a couple new talks, including an updated Oak Table talk, Farming Dinosaurs and Empowering Data Access in the Cloud.

October 30-Nov. 3rd

Microsoft Pass Summit is HERE!!  This is annual geeky conference for the SQL Server experts.  I attended my first event last year and made it a goal to present the next year.  Well, after six months of presenting at SQL Server events/webinars, there I be!!  This is an incredibly welcoming community and guess what I’ll be speaking on?  DevOps Tools for a Winning Combination 

The event occurs over the Halloween holiday and due to this, I’m working on my costume, which will be as “dry” as my sense of humor.  I pack light, so the idea of how I could dress up and still only bring a tiny suitcase, (I hate anything more than a 20inch international carry-on.)  I figured it out.  I smart… </p />

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