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Oak Table World 2013 (OTW13)

Session from OTW 2012
Event date: 
Mon, 2013-09-23 - Tue, 2013-09-24

Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4)

Exadata Conference
Event date: 
Mon, 2013-08-05 - Tue, 2013-08-06

You're invited to E4 2013!

Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) is the only conference with a focus on the Oracle Exadata platform. E4 will bring together a team of world-renowned Oracle Exadata experts who will present proven methods and techniques gained while working with mission critical applications in production environments.

The E4 speakers list features many OakTable members including Karl Arao, Martin Bach, Maria Colgan, Frits Hoogland, Karen Morton, Kerry Osborne, Tanel Poder and Gwen Shapira.

The E4 2013 agenda has been expanded to show how the Oracle Exadata platform is being used in conjunction with Big Data to manage large and diverse data sets. The Big Data keynote will be presented by Doug Cutting, creator of hadoop. Sessions in this half day track will discuss how to use Apache Hadoop as part of a Big Data architecture and when it is a suitable solution for enterprise data management.

Register today to take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with industry luminaries and real world Oracle Exadata and Big Data experts.


Oracle Development Tools Users Group (ODTUG) Kaleidoscope 2013
Event date: 
Sun, 2013-06-23 - Thu, 2013-06-27

Trivadis CBO Days 2012

Trivadis CBO Days 2012
Event date: 
Tue, 2012-12-11 - Wed, 2012-12-12

UKOUG Conference 2012

Event date: 
Mon, 2012-12-03 - Wed, 2012-12-05

Oaktable World

Event date: 
Mon, 2012-10-01 - Tue, 2012-10-02

 The secret conference-within-a-conference formerly known as Oracle ClosedWorld which used to be held at the same time as Oracle OpenWorld has outgrown its roots and is now an open conference rebranded as OakTable World. This is your exclusive invitation to mind-meld with the illustrious members of the OakTable Network while enjoying the free-flowing hospitality of the generous sponsors Miracle, Pythian, and Delphix. You don’t have to be an attendee at Oracle OracleWorld in order to attend OakTable World. You can attend one day or both days of OakTable World but you must RSVP here: Oaktable World

Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo

Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo
Event date: 
Mon, 2012-08-13 - Tue, 2012-08-14

 August 13 – 14, 2012 
The Four Seasons Hotel & Resort, Irving, Texas
The Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) is the first ever conference to focus exclusively on the Exadata platform.  Since Exadata is a relatively young product and is being enhanced at a rapid pace, it is difficult to get quality information in one place.  E4 will bring together a team of world-renowned experts that have been selected to present their findings and experience on this new platform.
E4 presents a unique platform where many of the presentations demonstrate the hands-on experience gained over the past two years working with mission critical applications in production environments.  The content for all sessions will be based on fact and experience as opposed to theory.  Presenters will pass along real-world experiences to better illustrate how Exadata is actually being used in the field.
Since seating will be limited at the venue, attendees will have ample opportunity for personal interaction with the speakers.  This may be the only occasion this year to connect with the brightest minds in the business in such an intimate setting.  Think of seeing the Rolling Stones in a 100-seat theater. However if you are stuck for time and unable to leave the office to attend in person we are also offering you the choice to view the conference virtually, ensuring you don't miss out on this unique opportunity! 

DB Experts Panel at ODTUG

ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2012
Event date: 
Sun, 2012-06-24 - Thu, 2012-06-28

At ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2012, there will be a Database Experts Panel Q&A session on Monday afternoon, 25 June at 4:15pm. The panel is 100% Oakies, so please stop by if you're attending the conference. Of course, the good people at ODTUG have placed the session in the Grand Oaks D/C room. 
Here's the session's abstract from the conference program:
This session provides an open Q&A for attendees to pose questions about Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata to a panel of OakTable database experts: Cary Millsap, Maria Colgan, Jonathan Lewis, Dominic Delmolino, Tim Gorman, and Dan Norris. Maximum time will be devoted to answering questions from the audience, so be sure to bring your questions and prepare for some great discussions!

OUG Scotland Conference 2012

Event date: 
Wed, 2012-06-13

Six topic areas, 30 sessions, several Oak Table speakers, and a keynote from Tom Kyte.

Understanding Storage Masterclass with James Morle

Understanding Storage Event April 24/25 2012
Event date: 
Tue, 2012-04-24 - Wed, 2012-04-25

Scale Abilities have announced the first UK dates for James Morle's Understanding Storage Masterclass.
If you have ever been confused about how your storage interacts with Oracle, or frustrated at always losing 'discussions' with your storage team, this seminar is for you!  
If you would like to gain a better understanding about the storage tier and be able to communicate well with your storage administration colleagues when there are problems, make sure to attend this two-day masterclass by James Morle. The seminar is focused on the component of the database platform that is probably the least understood—the storage tier.

The storage tier is often shrouded in mystery, frequently managed by other teams, and more often than not performing very badly. This seminar aims to deconstruct the storage tier and demystify the operation of the myriad components within it. Starting with the moment Oracle determines a need to go to disk until that requirement is fulfilled, we look in detail at all the processes and technology that lie in between. You will also learn some vital theory topics to help you gain a better understanding of what you can expect, and specific nuts and bolts explanations of how an I/O request is requested and serviced in many different con- figurations. As well as static slides, we will look at some examples of Oracle doing I/O and show some diagnostic techniques so that you can find out what is happening in your specific case.


  • Understand the theory and practice of I/O.
  • Understand the components that interact to comprise and I/O.
  • Learn to break open the black box and troubleshoot I/O performance problems.
  • Be able to make informed decisions about designing storage systems for Oracle databases.

Day One: The first day is the ‘theory day’. It is vital to understand this theory in order to make informed decisions about architecture and performance diagnostics.

  • Unit 1 – Fundamentals: The Memory Hierarchy, Latency, Bandwidth
  • Unit 2 – Connectivity: Fibre Channel, Ethernet, SAS, SATA, PCIe, Infiniband
  • Unit 3 – The Physics of Disk Storage
  • Unit 4 – The Anatomy of a Storage Array

Day Two: The second day is more practical, and you are welcome to bring along your laptop (with Oracle installed) if you want to try some of the diagnostic techniques presented here.

  • Unit 5 – The Server View of I/O: How does the Operating System issue and report on I/O (Linux/UNIX based)
  • Unit 6 – How Oracle Performs I/O, part one: Direct I/O, Async I/O, Oracle I/O request types by process, buffered I/O, direct path I/O
  • Unit 7 – How Oracle Performs I/O, part two: ASM internals, Direct NFS
  • Unit 8 – The Latency Revolution: Flash storage and emerging technologies

Note: This masterclass is constantly being developed and improved and the exact content is subject to change.
Forthcoming Schedule

  • April 24/25 2012 – Prospero House, London. BOOK HERE (UKOUG Members are eligible for £100 discount)