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Welcome to the Oaktable

Welcome to the OakTable. The OakTable network is a network for the Oracle scientist, who believes in better ways of administering and developing Oracle based systems. The network is an informal organisation, which will get together at various Oracle events.

Upcoming Events

CBO Days 2014
Tue, 2014-06-10 - Wed, 2014-06-11

Oaktable Challenge

The OakTable Challenge goes live whenever the OakTable Network sets up a stand at any of the public user-oriented events. Previous events which have seen an OakTable stand include: Miracle Open World, the UK Oracle User Group annual conference, and the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group annual conference.

The OakTable Challenge is simple. Ask us (The OakTable members) any technical Oracle-related question and if we cannot provide you with either a solution or/and answer like, "yes", "no", "we need more information" or "cannot be done" within 24 hours, we'll give you a T-shirt that states that you challenged the OakTable Network - and won!

  • Another cute instance of Beeline pretending that Hive is an RDBMS: private boolean autoCommit = false; 21 hours 18 min ago
  • Found in beeline code: DEFAULT_ISOLATION_LEVEL = "TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ"; So cute. 21 hours 19 min ago
  • there is a distinct resemblance between my grandmother and me and youngest sister...the rebel flapper lives on! :) 22 hours 32 min ago
  • Eastercat 23 hours 52 min ago
  • @kevinclosson @DBAKevlar @tmuth "There are only two hard things in CS: cache invalidation and naming things." Oracle handles both :) 1 day 1 hour ago