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Dictionary long application

Two versions of an application to encapsulate the data dictionary views that have LONG columns. LONGs are converted to CLOBs in pipelined functions, enabling us to search, copy and manipulate these columns with string functions. A static version supports 9.2 and 10.1 and a dynamic ANYDATASET version supports 10.2 onwards. August 2007 (updated July 2010)

Dml error logging performance in 10g release 2

Performance characteristics of DML error logging. August 2005

User-defined aggregate functions in oracle 9i

We can create our own aggregate functions in 9i and use them like built-ins. September 2003

The merge statement in oracle 9i

Update or insert data from a single DML statement in 9i. September 2002

Associative arrays in oracle 9i release 2

Oracle extends its PL/SQL array processing capabilities. May 2002

Merge enhancements in 10g

Enhancements to the MERGE statement in 10g provide much greater flexibility. June 2004

Enhancements to dbms_output in 10g release 2

Oracle finally "fixes" DBMS_OUTPUT. August 2005

Flashback restore points in oracle 10g release 2

Restore points enable us to capture a point in time for flashback operations. August 2005

Flashback table in 10g

Oracle extends flashback technology to restore dropped tables. June 2004

Flashback query in oracle 9i

We can now query data from a previous point in time. November 2002