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Array-based advanced queuing in 10g

Oracle 10g enables us to enqueue and dequeue in bulk. July 2005

Pl/sql timer

A simple package to output the elapsed time between two points. Supports versions from 8i onwards. July 2005

Regular expressions in 10g

Oracle finally provides support for regular expressions. June 2004

Dual optimisation in 10g

The dual table gets a performance makeover. November 2004

Introduction to bulk pl/sql enhancements in 9i

Oracle extends its array processing capabilities in 9i. September 2003

Tracking exceptions in oracle 10g

Exceptions can now be traced back to their source in 10g. June 2004

Partition outer join in oracle 10g

A new mechanism to populate the gaps in sparse data. June 2004

Measuring cpu time in 10g

An addition to DBMS_UTILITY now enables us to measure CPU time easily. June 2004

Aggregating data with the returning clause

In 10g, data returned by the RETURNING clause can be aggregated. June 2004


A function to simplify string building and debugging by replacing multiple placeholders from a collection of inputs. January 2007