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Real oaktables !

Some of the OakTable members even have real OakTables, and are sadly keen to flaunt them here!


Original oaktable

Mogens Nørgaard - The Original Table The table that started it all.

The source of many all-night, whiskey-fuelled technical debates.


Lex's oaktable

Lex De Haan


Cary's oaktable

Cary Millsap A handmade/homemade example by Cary, with flowers by Mindy.

Oak Table

Does this table come with an ASM coating

Real Oak Tables

I don't have the dexterity or taste to find beautiful furniture like that, but here's my example of a "real oak table". While I admit it's not as pretty, there's no denying it is one:

create table OAK (
col1 char(10));


Real Oak Tables

wonderful table.. it is... I saw it in VIRTUAL.. :)

- Jacob Biguvu