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@JBeresniewicz I think there is now a risk that CPUWAIT_COUNT can be zero, leading to a divide by 0 error. — 6 hours 59 min ago
@SQLMaria The trouble is the term 'locking' statistics is misleading. You lock statistics because you, and not the… week 4 days ago
@kylelf_ weeks 4 days ago
@ChrisRSaxon alter index i rename to not_i; Moral of the story: do not rely on the name of the index, specify the… weeks 4 days ago
@brost I understand that pork sausages are only about 50% pork. However, they still aren't kosher! — 6 weeks 6 days ago
@ChrisRSaxon You need both execute privilege on the function and (because it is AUTHID current_user) select privile… weeks 5 days ago
@richardfoote @JLOracle @NinjaPotts @connor_mc_d @SQLMaria Bread and circuses! Well, #TimTams and circuses. — 8 weeks 1 hour ago
@MDWidlake A lot of my cycling clothing is yellow. It can be a problem at this time of year. Don't wear yellow. — 8 weeks 2 days ago
@JLOracle And 20.2 — 9 weeks 2 days ago
The /*+Go-Faster*/ Oracle Blog: Loading a Flat File from OCI Object Storage into an Autonomous Database. Part 3. Co… weeks 8 hours ago