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Ending #tech_2018 as we started, with the Optimizer and statistics #PassTheKnowledge days 16 hours ago
RT @JLOracle: I'll be sitting in 2L (exhibition hall, back left corner) for the next hour if anyone wants to chat about optimisation, perfo… — 5 days 21 hours ago
@OracleSK You end up grouping by SQL ID, SQL_PLAN_HASH_VALUE, SQL_EXEC_ID, SESSION_ID, SESSION_SERIAL#, INSTANCE_NUMBER to count executions. — 1 week 15 hours ago
From Nigel Bayliss' optimizer presentation: Oracle 19c hint usage report. Nice. #ukoug_tech18 week 22 hours ago
Nigel Bayliss kicking off #ukoug_tech18 talking about 19c Optimizer enhancements #CanYouTurnItOff week 22 hours ago
The Go-Faster Oracle Blog: A Brief Look Inside Oracle's Autonomous Data Wareh... A series… week 3 days ago
I am talking about PeopleSoft nVision Performance Tuning at UKOUG Apps 18 Conference in Liverpool on 4th December.… week 5 days ago
The Go-Faster Oracle Blog: Data Warehouse Design: Engineered Systems Consider... Part of a… week 5 days ago
RT @psa_io: #160 - Preloading Cache #peoplesoft weeks 19 hours ago
The Go-Faster Oracle Blog: Data Warehouse Design: To Index, or Not to Index, ... Part of a… weeks 20 hours ago