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@GolicAndWingo Rejected Packers coach to Cowboys? Sure maybe. But I'm curious: What is the contract status of Herm… week 6 days ago
@GolicAndWingo #yankees Goose Gossage #golicshammer — 4 weeks 3 days ago
@ToonKoppelaars key about system versus task: a "good" run versus a "bad" run of a task may indicate one has a bad… weeks 4 days ago
@kevinclosson well... NH "undeclared" can choose any party's primary ballot. In 2016, by the way, record numbers of… weeks 4 days ago
@nlitchfield @sfonplsql And there is still a lot of COBOL running important business transactions. — 6 weeks 4 days ago
@GolicAndWingo #golicshammer #correlation #causation Mike Junior made a significant gaffe saying there was no corre… weeks 4 days ago
@MDWidlake I tip my cap to your superior tactics. I always ended up the base of a pyramid and you, well, the picture says it all! — 6 weeks 4 days ago
@TanelPoder Time to dust off "1984" ? — 12 weeks 2 days ago
@thatjeffsmith If it is "Hey bro, that is brilliant" then it means "comrade in arms" (possibly presumptuously). I… weeks 2 days ago
@MDWidlake I just hope this is not the solution for automated driving, but the relying on a rat's self preservation… weeks 2 days ago