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@kevinclosson That sucks — 1 day 18 hours ago
@FranckPachot @TanelPoder Use #cockroachdb and all this goes away... no tricks required with serializable all the t… week 1 day ago
Use #cockroachdb and all this goes away... no tricks required... MVCC in Oracle vs. Postgres, and a little no-bloat… week 1 day ago
@TanelPoder With Cockroach, “every” node is a master, distributed, consistent, and durable. #cockroachdb week 5 days ago
@kevinclosson Tusli/Cory 2020 — 2 weeks 6 days ago
Want a true distributed system of record database?? Find out how with #cockroachdb weeks 5 days ago
CockroachDB… true distributed system-of-record for the cloud weeks 6 days ago
RT @CockroachDB: Happy Monday! Our first #CRDBfotw is "As of System Time" (AOST). AOST is used to read historical data from a period of tim… — 5 weeks 18 hours ago
After not installing #oracle for nearly three years, I was reminded what a royal pain in the butt it is to install,… weeks 4 days ago
@jonahharris @OracleCloud @awscloud @Azure Duh — 7 weeks 4 days ago