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AWS outperforms rivals in test of cloud capabilities via @techrepublic15 hours 54 min ago
May all your Sorts and Clauses be great!! @CockroachDB #SQL #oaktable #postges #mysql #oracle #DBA #SQLDev… day 20 hours ago
RT @james_weitzman: The @CockroachDB 2020 Cloud Report is here! See how @GCPcloud @awscloud & @Azure performed.... Great work by @iamandyw… — 2 days 10 hours ago
The cloud report 2020 has landed. @CockroachDB we have been testing across @awscloud , @googlecloud , and @Azure t… days 10 hours ago
@kevinclosson Sounds like fun? — 2 days 10 hours ago
Fascinating talk.... RT @brendangregg: my #reinvent talk BPF Performance Analysis at Netflix, including the BPF the… days 11 hours ago
I know @CockroachDB we are helping to crush gender bias... This book by @DBAKevlar could be a great holiday gift. days 21 min ago
@DBAKevlar CockroachDB is on board... @CockroachDB4 days 13 hours ago
CockroachDB is backing the need... @CockroachDB days 13 hours ago
RT @james_weitzman: Wow ‼️ @CockroachDB named the #1 place to work in NYC by @CrainsNewYork! Such a testament to what @ljg & the entire tea… — 6 days 17 hours ago