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@flyscoot love your chatbot but maybe some tweaking to the NLP is needed. weeks 6 days ago
@flyscoot all for a flight (TR100) that I do not have a ticket for. — 3 weeks 6 days ago
All for flights I have not done and it’s impossible to call you and your so called AI chatbot on your website is kinda helpless here. — 3 weeks 6 days ago
@flyscoot stop the }^~¥~£}*#% spamming. More than 150 emails in 2 minutes weeks 6 days ago
If you have a user defined table to keep track of certain counts of reconciliation data, here’s an advice. Don’t name it u_cnt — 28 weeks 1 day ago
@AndrewSayer_ Thanks. Just been working since Saturday and needed to fix one last issue before a go-live so was to… weeks 6 days ago
If I do alter table initrans xx and then alter table move without a tablespace name, do i still get a “rebuild” of… weeks 6 days ago
Been away from twitter for ages, but just need to say that if you are doing a “select distinct” with a “where rownu… weeks 4 days ago
Hey @halfwheel new design is squishing the breadcrumb text on iphone. year 16 weeks ago
@kevinclosson Had a win2000 server running at home for more than 12 years and only got rebooted the few times we lo… year 24 weeks ago