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@kevinclosson Had a win2000 server running at home for more than 12 years and only got rebooted the few times we lo… weeks 1 day ago
@HeliFromFinland @fuzziebrain @orcldoug Hey maybe it will actually mean that Doug and I will have a chance to meet up — 8 weeks 6 days ago
Just f****** up my local database. All pdb failing to open simply signalling error at recursive level 1 — 9 weeks 5 days ago
@HeliFromFinland @thatjeffsmith When is OOW? — 9 weeks 6 days ago
@thatjeffsmith In my end of the world it’s always weather to sit outside. Yesterday I enjoyed cigar, Manhattan, com… weeks 3 hours ago
@connor_mc_d Last week I did the same :) installed one of my databases locally instead of in a vm because I was to lazy to create a new vm. — 10 weeks 3 days ago
@kevinclosson @dlitchfield From the time where iAS was an acronym for “I Am Sorry” — 11 weeks 2 days ago
@thatjeffsmith Is that an old Partagas or Upmann? — 11 weeks 4 days ago
@thatjeffsmith just a quick crazy thought on a late Sunday night. Why not “auto-sum” when highlighting number rows… weeks 4 days ago
Is it just me or does overriding external table parameters in 18c only work directly in sql and not in a plsql curs… weeks 2 days ago