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@ahachete @tapoueh @pgconfbr this is a good slide, and perhaps under-appreciated hours 45 min ago
RT @PostgreSQL: News: PostgreSQL 12.4, 11.9, 10.14, 9.6.19, 9.5.23, and 13 Beta 3 Released! day 6 hours ago
RT @MethodR: We’ve released Method R Workbench 9.1.0. Audio feedback, new menu organization, copy and paste for files pane values, Select ›… — 3 days 5 hours ago
@ahachete @tapoueh @samokhvalov How about if the regional UGs make a special one of these for all the major contrib… days 5 hours ago
RT @techjunkiejh: A Practical Guide to Getting Set-up with #PostgreSQL — 3 days 10 hours ago
@magnushagander @d_gustafsson @MengTangmu @alvherre @ahachete @AndresFreundTec @samokhvalov @davidfetter days 10 hours ago
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@alvherre @MengTangmu @ahachete @AndresFreundTec @d_gustafsson @samokhvalov @davidfetter @robertmhaas @PostgreSQL days 2 hours ago
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@ahachete @AndresFreundTec @d_gustafsson @samokhvalov @davidfetter @robertmhaas @PostgreSQL @github @gitlab Maybe… days 8 hours ago